A winter story

A winter story Modern winter Lodge , Kvitfjell, Norway featured in Norways number one Magasin of Interiors. INTERIORMAGASINET, January Issue 2023.


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Kitchen dreams

Welcome to the house edit Kitchen. The House edit is a delightful journey pairing a Scandinavian clean and airy appearance with English elegant colour and texture.

Making an entrance

Nothing is like a warm smile and open arms when you meet somebody. To make a good first impression, you also need to dress for the occasion. When someone come to your home, you have the chance to invite them into your fairytale, and influence how they feel.

The House edit

We have created THE HOUSE EDIT as a place to dream, indulge into English interiors and most of all inspire to create a personal home. We, Helene Arentz an Interior designer (left) and Cecilie Refsum an Interior and lifestyle photographer, both have a keen eye for English interiors, nature, culture and not to mention the special atmosphere and rich tradition of colour and pattern.